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Career in behavioral services Richmond Virginia
COUNSELOR (Case Manager)  


This Functional Job Description offers a useful list of the job responsibilities and expectations for the position of Counselor. This list may be revised/updated at any time. The employee is responsible for meeting expectations of the Therapeutic Day Treatment Program of Succor even if it is not listed below. This description does not supersede your direct supervisor's directives/expectations or Succor’s policies and procedures.


  • Reports to Site Supervisor

  • Provides direct service daily, including psycho-educational groups, crisis interventions, and
    weekly contact with parents/legal guardians.

  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with school staff. 

  • Promotes the program in a positive manner to elicit referrals and maintain census and growth of the program.

  • Participates in monthly outings. 

  • Maintains an accurate list of caseload. 

  • Submits a copy of all Restraint Forms and Incident Reports to your Site Supervisor. 

  • Ensures that every Incident Report is completed immediately after the incident and submitted to the Program Director within 24 hours of the incident. 

  • Completes assigned documentation daily using sound clinical documentation and abiding by-all agency, Medicaid, and licensure standards. 

  • Submits progress notes daily to the Site Supervisor. 

  • Attends all related school review teams, staffing, etc. when related to a client assigned to your caseload. 

  • Completes all Quarterly Reviews on or before the due date. 

  • Participates in the development of ISPs for clients on your caseload. Interact with Licensed staff a minimum of every 6 months to make aware of need for goal modifications/deletions/additions.

  • Attends all annual mandatory agency training (Handle With Care, CPR, First Aid, Human Rights, HIPPA, etc.).

  • Identifies clinical areas that require strengthening and seek out opportunities to attend training in such areas.

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Must be QMHP

Required Degrees for Case Manager Position

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